Transfer and Transient Credit

In order to earn a master's degree at North Georgia, a student must earn a minimum of 24 hours of credit in residence applicable toward the degree. Some programs may require a higher number of credits in residence; consult the transfer-credit policy for the specific program. Credits may be transferred from another regionally accredited institution subject to the following conditions: (1) work already applied toward another degree cannot be accepted; (2) work must have been completed within the six-year period allowed for the completion of degree requirements; (3) work must have been applicable toward a graduate degree at the institution where credit was earned; (4) work offered for transfer must have the approval of the student's advisor, the program coordinator, and the dean of the appropriate school; (5) acceptance of the transfer credit does not reduce the residence requirement stated above.

Any graduate student may apply to the dean of the appropriate school for authorization to complete certain courses at another college or university as a transient student by submitting a Transient Permission Form downloadable from the Office of Graduate Admissions' web site or contact the Office of Graduate Admissions, Transient student permission will not be granted to students on academic notice, probation, or suspension, or for the purpose of repeating courses.