CRJU 7005: Global Crime and Justice (3)

Lecture: 3, Lab: 0, Other: 0

In the last two decades, transnational crime has experienced an unprecedented expansion, now accounting for roughly 15 percent of the world's GDP. Profits from transnational crime groups have been termed the 'global shadow economy' or the 'dark side of the economy.' The purpose of this course is to study crime and criminal justice from a global perspective. The course will examine how globalization and improvements in communication technologies have led to a recent growth in transnational crime. The course will explore issues surrounding the definitions, incidence, and trends in transnational crime. The course also analyzes efforts made by contemporary nation states and multilateral agencies to combat illicit transnational activity. Specific crime topics discussed include, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, the trafficking of persons, the sex industry, fraud, cybercrime, and transnational criminal organizations.