Student Health Services

Student Health Services exists to advance the health of students at North Georgia by providing services that include evaluation and treatment for minor acute illnesses and injuries, Women's and Men's Clinic examination and testing, and health promotion and prevention focused services. These services are provided to all students who pay the student health fee. Chronic illnesses are not treated at Student Health. No appointment is necessary but appointments are preferred for the Women's and Men's Clinic. Any situation that the clinical staff deems an emergency will be a priority. If needed, further care will be referred to one of the local hospitals, urgent care centers, or physician's offices.The hours of operation at Student Health are 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday. These hours may change periodically, but a notice will be posted. Student Health Services is located in the Woodward Clinic at 280 West Main Street. More information regarding Student Health Services can be found on the North Georgia website.