Hearings of the Academic & Professional Integrity Panel

If a hearing is called, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs will select four faculty and two students from the Graduate Academic and Professional Integrity Council to be the adjudicatory body; one faculty member of whom shall be designated as the Chair. All six members shall have a vote. Any member of the Graduate Academic and Professional Integrity Panel will disqualify him/herself if his/her personal involvement in the case is of such a nature as to be detrimental to the interest of the accused or the institution. Students from the same graduate program should not be appointed to a hearing of their peers.

At hearings held by the Graduate Academic and Professional Integrity Panel, the student defendant and faculty plaintiff will be afforded all rights required by due process considerations. Hearings before the Graduate Academic Integrity Panel will be closed. Decisions will be rendered by majority vote. During a hearing, it is the Panel's responsibility to determine whether the charged party is guilty or not and, if appropriate, to accept or modify any instructor-imposed sanctions. If the Panel finds the student guilty of a violation of an Academic or Professional Integrity issue, the instructor-imposed sanction will not be lessened or reduced by the Graduate Academic and Professional Integrity Council. The Panel, however, may consider and recommend imposing a more serious sanction following review of the case. If the involved student is found not guilty, the Panel will recommend that the faculty sanction be lifted and the case be considered closed. The final decisions and recommendations of the Panel will be submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.