Professional Integrity Defined

A professional is one who willingly "adopts" and consistently applies the knowledge, skills, and values of a chosen profession. Integrity may be the most appropriate word used to describe the person who willingly and consistently acts in accordance with social standards or moral values of society. Professional integrity thus defines the professional who consistently and willingly practices within the guidelines of the mission of a chosen profession under the obligation of a Code of Ethics. The following rules and principles define the concept of Professional Integrity:

  1. A student shall not violate the provisions of the Code of Ethics prescribed or adopted by the relevant graduate program.
  2. A student shall not lie to or otherwise deceive instructors, peers, internship supervisors, or clients.
  3. A student shall not show disregard for the well being, safety, or dignity of clients, peers, or supervisors.
  4. A student shall not misuse resources of the university or any agency for which the student is conducting an internship, clinical experience, etc.
  5. A student shall not misappropriate the work of others or claim it as his/her own work.
  6. A student shall comply with the policies and regulations of the program and any agency for which the student is conduction an internship, clinical experience, etc.