NURS 7210: Rural Primary Care Nursing VI (7)

Lecture: 3, Lab: 4, Other: 0

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with the opportunity to refine and apply evidence based knowledge and culturally sensitive skills acquired in the previous clinical courses. The practicum is an integrated clinical experience encompassing the development and implementation of the nurse practitioner role with an emphasis on health disparities. The focus of the experience is on the integration of the theoretical and clinical components of advanced nursing practice in family primary care. The role of the nurse practitioner in a collaborative and consultative position is emphasized. Additionally, the student is introduced to the business aspects of establishing and maintaining a practice to include reimbursement methods and sources, contracts, and review of nurse practitioner performance on a regular basis. This course also includes information related to preparation for subsequent employment and successful completion of certification exams. Clinical experiences will provide opportunity for the application and integration of theory in the practice setting and development of collaborative relationships with other health care providers. Clinical experiences will occur in a variety of settings with emphasis on rural and urban underserved families. Pre-requisites: NURS 3110, NURS 6120, NURS 7010, NURS 7040 and NURS 7141