NURS 5481: Sociology of Aging (3)

Lecture: 3, Lab: 0, Other: 0

The Sociology of Aging is a distance learning course taught collaboratively via the Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical System (GSAMS). The course is designed for upper level undergraduates and graduate students. Its central focus will be the examination of age as a social construct and aging as a social process. We will explore the effects of societal norms and social institutions on the aging experiences of individuals as well as the effects of qualities of generations and the age structure of a population on a society and its institutions. Students will become familiar with major sociological theories of aging. We will study the demographics of age by looking at the changing age structure of the United States and reviewing social indicators to document the composition and comparative status of the current older population. We will discuss issues of age-related inequality and its confluence with social class, race and gender inequalities. We will investigate major contemporary issues in aging, using research literature to not only inform, but to enable us to analyze these issues and possible public policy responses to them. A number of faculty members of participating institutions will lecture and facilitate discussions in their areas of expertise in aging.