NDPT 7433: Professional Socialization III: Professional Entry (1)

Lecture: 20, Lab: 0, Other: 0

Professional Socialization III: Entry to the Profession is the 'capstone' course, which emphasizes the student's readiness to embrace the knowledge, values, and skills of the profession of physical therapy. The students will assess their professional growth since entry into the program and examine how their development matches the primary mission of the graduate program in physical therapy. Mechanisms for seeking out community resources, mentors, networking, and participation in professional organizations will be presented in more detail. Expectations during the first year of practice will be investigated from an employers as well as employee perspective. Ways to foster the student's future role of becoming a clinical instructor will be explored and emphasized. Preparation for National Physical Therapy Examination will be completed and students will also evaluate complicated ethical issues in healthcare delivery. Finally, discussion on topics of particular clinical or professional interest will be entertained.