NDPT 7423: Professional Socialization II: Management (4)

Lecture: 3, Lab: 2, Other: 0

Professional Socialization II: Management is the second course in a three-course series. This course will include macroeconomics of the United States healthcare system to the microeconomics of a physical therapy practice setting. Focus will be on management procedures including budgeting, staffing, quality improvement, personnel development, and federal guidelines concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act with particular interest in the scope of practice of physical therapy. The core documents of physical therapy (Code of Ethics, Standard of Practice, and Physical Therapists Guide to Practice) will be incorporated into the business aspects of healthcare. Legal and ethical application of processes for reimbursement (RBRVS, CPT coding, CCI edits, case mix groupings, DRGs, and MDS) will be investigated. Social responsibility of the professional physical therapist and consultation skills will be discussed and culminate in a development plan for a physical therapy department or practice. Personal career development plans, networking, and preparation for entry to the profession will be introduced. An in-depth look at the rules and laws governing physical therapy in the state of Georgia will also be a major component of this course.