NDPT 7411: Professional Socialization I (3)

Lecture: 2, Lab: 2, Other: 0

Professional Socialization I: Introduction is the beginning of a three-course sequence in which the profession of physical therapy is explored. The history of the profession including the people, world events, and organizational events that have shaped the scope of practice, standard of care and code of ethics will be investigated. The core documents will serve as a foundation for expectation of professional behaviors in documentation, reimbursement, and patient care settings. The scope of professional conferences and issues of past, current, and future concerns will be discussed. Students are expected to participate in future professional conferences, presentations, and the Georgia State Board of Physical Therapy public meeting. Governance of the recognized professional organization, the American Physical Therapy Association, will be discussed. One essential element for a professional physical therapist is effective communication. Written, verbal, and non-verbal skills for professional, effective communication will be emphasized. The tutorial process as defined by our modified problem-based curriculum will be experienced.