Master of Arts with a Major in History


The Master of Arts (MA) with a Major in History at North Georgia is a 30 semester hour program designed to provide an advanced understanding of history and the historical process with a focus on world and military history. The program in history will prepare a student whose knowledge of history can be used in the public information sector, the secondary educational and two-year college level, or in pursuit of a degree beyond the MA. The degree will provide students with the research and analytical skills that will allow them to advance in their profession or begin to explore a career in history.

For additional program information, call the Graduate History Program, Department of History & Philosophy, 706-864-1903, or write to Graduate History Program, Department of History & Philosophy, 82 College Circle, North Georgia College & State University, Dahlonega, Georgia 30597-1001.

Graduate Admissions Procedures

Application materials may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Admissions or from the North Georgia website Applicants must pay a one-time, non-refundable application fee. Admission requirements are listed below. When all application materials required to make an admission decision have been received by the Office of Graduate Admission, notification will be sent to the applicant via mail and a copy of all materials will be forwarded to the program. Upon review, notification will be sent from the History program to the applicant verifying acceptance or denial.

Students who are admitted, but do not enroll by the academic year following the year of acceptance must reapply through the Office of Graduate Admissions. Students who were previously enrolled but have not been in attendance within the last three terms must also reapply (see Leaves of Absence for more details). All documents and materials submitted to fulfill the application requirements for entry to a program at North Georgia become the property of the university and will not be returned. These materials are kept for one year for incomplete application files and for three years for individuals who complete an application, and are accepted, but do not enroll.