Education Specialist in School Leadership with Building and District Level Emphases Degree Requirements

Graduation requirements for the Education Specialist in School Leadership degree include:

  1. Completion of 32 designated semester hours of study with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, with no grade below B.
  2. Completion of at least 26 hours of graduate degree requirements in residence, with no more than six hours of transfer credit.
  3. Completion of all degree-related course requirements, including transfer credit, within a six-year period.

Program of Study
Fall Semester

EDL 7001

School & Community: Collaborating & Networking for School Improvement

3 hours

EDL 7002

Managing Human Resources: Monitoring Teacher Quality & School Effectiveness

3 hours

EDL 7101

School Leadership Internship-: Building or District Level –Developing and Designing The Internship

2 hours

Spring Semester

EDL 7003

Managing the Organization: Business & Resource Administration

3 hours

EDL 7004

Promoting Student Achievement: Curriculum Planning, Development & Assessment

3 hours

EDL 7102

School Leadership Internship: Building or District Level

2 hours

Summer Semester

EDL 7005

Sizing Up External School Environements: Political, Social & Legal Contexts

3 hours

EDL 7006

Leading & Evaluating Change: School & District Level Initiatives

3 hours

EDL 7103

School Leadership Internship: Building or District Level

2 hours

Fall Semester

EDL 7007

Building Professional Learning Communities: Learners and Leaders

3 hours

EDL 7008

Special Education: Organizational Oversight and Staff Development

3 hours

EDL 7104

School Leadership Internship: Building or District Level- Final Folio Due

2 hours


32 Semester Hours

School Leadership Internship: Building or District Level

The EDS in School Leadership is a four-semester program that requires a 12-month internship. Each semester candidates meet with both university and site-base supervisors to plan, monitor, and make program adjustments as needed to the year-long internship. A minimum of four conferences is outlined on the Internship Supervisor Acceptance Form. The Leadership Portfolio requires a detailed induction/action plan that is aligned to the ELCC Six Standards. This plan is designed during the First Semester of the Internship and must be completed and approved by the Leader Support Team and University Supervisor before beginning any experiences.

Both the university and site supervisor are required to review the Leadership Performance Portfolio and provide feedback. Portfolio assessment occurs each semester and reported formally to the university. Each site supervisor is required to sign an agreement outlining the internship requirements and support needed to the candidate. Each candidate and site supervisor develops a schedule to project planned meetings, coaching sessions, and conferences. Each semester the site supervisor completes a formal evaluation form and provides feedback on performance.

The exit portfolio is completed during the last semester of internship and submitted for final review to the Leader Support Team and University Supervisor. An Exit Conference is scheduled to review the final folio with each candidate and to discuss Career Planning and Recommendations.

Education Specialist Year-Long Internship (8 Semester Hours)

EDL 7101 Fall (2)

EDL 7102 Spring (2)

EDL 7103 Summer (2)

EDL 7104 Fall (2)