Printing & Archiving Thesis

Compact Discs

Compact discs may be included with the thesis. It is important that the thesis be understandable without the information contained on the CD.

Two copies of each disc must be submitted. Discs must be archival quality. Each disc must be labeled with your name, degree, graduation date, thesis title, and university name (North Georgia). The discs must be secured in an envelope or case.

Include a concise written description of the contents. State the type of file format(s) and include the number of each type of file. Finally, state the software and/or hardware needed to read/view the files on the disc.

For example

CD-ROM contains 18 PDF (Adobe) documents.

CD-ROM contains 33 TIFF images of source documents examined.

CD-ROM includes 12 Microsoft Word documents and 78 digitized color images of maps in JPEG format.

Information to Include with My CD-ROM(s)

Student name:

Document type(s) and number of each type:

Software and/or hardware needed to view files on disc:

*For personal copies of a thesis, contact the Director of Library Services for pricing. Students are responsible for the cost of printing and archiving all copies of the thesis and payment is due at the time the thesis submitted.