Many scholarships for students are established through the North Georgia Foundation and individual university departments. Scholarships are awarded either through the Office of Financial Aid or by the appropriate college or division according to established criteria. Scholarships are awarded based upon merit and/or need. To be considered for need-based scholarships, students must complete the FAFSA. For information on specific scholarships, students should visit the scholarships website.

Private Off-campus Scholarships

Private off-campus scholarships include those awarded to students by outside (non-North Georgia) organizations. These scholarships are credited to the student's account upon receipt of the funds. If this type of scholarship is to be used to pay tuition and fees, the funds must be received prior to the payment due date for that semester. Mail all off-campus scholarship checks to:

North Georgia College & State University

Office of Student Financial Aid
82 College Circle

Dahlonega, GA 30597-1001

The student is responsible for compliance with the provisions of the scholarship (i.e., grade reporting, verification of attendance, etc.).