Explanation of Qualitative and Quantitative Components

SAP includes both qualitative and quantitative components. Qualitative refers to grade point average. Quantitative includes both earned credits and maximum time. See below for a detailed description.

Qualitative Progress

North Georgia College & State University has defined qualitative academic progress as those students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or better. This includes hours attempted at North Georgia or hours accepted by North Georgia from any post-secondary institution. Any student who does not meet the minimum standards each semester will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension.

In addition, students who are dismissed for academic reasons or are placed on academic probation and are later readmitted will not be considered to be maintaining satisfactory progress until completion of a semester of six degree credit hours or more and removal from academic probation.

Reinstatement: Once placed on suspension, a student must reapply for financial aid after they have acquired the necessary cumulative 3.00 GPA average. Upon reinstatement, awards will be made only if funds are available.

Quantitative Progress

Student financial aid recipients must show measurable progress toward degree completion by earning a required minimum number of hours for the total number of enrollment hours. Students must always complete and maintain a minimum of 80 percent of all hours attempted upon reaching 22 semester hours of enrollment and beyond.

You must complete all requirements of the graduate program within six calendar years (masters and education specialist degrees) or eight years (doctoral degrees). All students enrolled in graduate degree programs must enroll each regular semester for a minimum of one graduate credit hour (monitored by the graduate program).

Reinstatement: Eligibility for financial aid can be restored after successful completion of at least 80 percent of all hours attempted. Students must reapply for financial aid. Upon reinstatement, awards will be made only if funds are available.