Application Procedures and Deadlines

All financial aid applicants must undergo a standardized federal "needs analysis" by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To facilitate timely processing of financial aid, it is essential that applicants ensure their FAFSA has reached the federal government by March 17 prior to the academic year for which they are seeking financial assistance. Failure to apply by the priority filing date may cause delays in receiving aid.

A student must complete a FAFSA before financial aid eligibility can be determined for the following sources of aid:

When a student files the FAFSA, the federal processor calculates his/her Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The EFC is an estimate of the family's ability to contribute to the student's overall educational expenses for one year. The student's financial aid "need" is North Georgia's computation of educational expenses (Cost of Attendance described later) minus the EFC.

Financial aid recipients must complete the FAFSA each school year. Amounts and types of assistance may vary from year to year. If funds are available, the Office of Student Financial Aid continues to assist students who meet the following conditions:

Students offered financial assistance by North Georgia will receive notification regarding their financial aid eligibility. The Office of Student Financial Aid will send a notice to the North Georgia e-mail account, which directs them to BANNER, where they may view and interact with their financial aid package. The aid notice has important information, so the recipient should follow all instructions to ensure the completion of required forms. Students can find consumer information regarding the financial aid process, including pertinent rules and regulations, through the financial aid section of their e-campus account. If any of the information included in the financial aid package or award notification is incorrect, the student should immediately notify the Office of Student Financial Aid. Financial aid is awarded based on FAFSA information, as well as the student's status at North Georgia (e.g., academic level, enrollment status and residency).

Federal and state regulations also require the Office of Student Financial Aid to consider any outside sources of assistance when awarding financial aid. These outside sources can be North Georgia scholarships, private scholarships, veteran's benefits, tuition waivers, etc. The student's financial aid package may fluctuate throughout the year based on changes in FAFSA information, North Georgia status, or the receipt of additional aid. Financial aid notices are usually sent to returning students in early summer. New students may receive aid notices in the spring prior to enrollment.