Procedures for Requesting Accommodations

A student seeking accommodations has the legal responsibility to request accommodations in a timely manner and to provide the institution with appropriate, current documentation of the disabling condition. Sufficient, advanced notice of a request for accommodation is required in order to give the Office of Student Disability Resources a reasonable period of time to evaluate the request and documentation. A student may submit a request and documentation any time during his or her enrollment at North Georgia, but no action based on the request and documentation is retroactive.

To receive disability accommodations at North Georgia, a student must comply with the procedures listed below:

Approval of reasonable accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis on the justification contained in the written documentation provided by the student.

Students who believe they have experienced discrimination on the basis of a disability can seek resolution through grievance procedures established by North Georgia College & State University. These procedures are clearly outlined in the publication Academic Program Access for Students with Disabilities which is posted on the North Georgia website under services provided by the Office of Student Disability Resources and is also available in all departments.


Coordinator, Student Disability Resources


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