Violations of the Academic & Professional Integrity Policy

In cases where the student's graduate program procedure is not outlined within the department or in cases where the student has exhausted the procedure within his/her program, students are to follow the policy and procedures outlined below.

In any instance in which a faculty member or a student has information about an infraction of the Graduate Academic and Professional Integrity policy, such individual is obligated to notify the course instructor of the course in which the suspected violation occurred. If the instructor concludes that a violation of the Graduate Academic and Professional Integrity Policy has occurred, he/she will penalize the student and file an incident report with the Graduate Academic and Professional Integrity Council. The instructor will furnish a copy of the completed report to the student and will request that the student sign the report as an indication that the student is aware of the contents of the report.

A student wishing to appeal an instructor's conclusions or penalties has seven calendar days from the date on which the incident report is received by the student to notify the Office of Academic Affairs. In a situation justifying a formal hearing, the Graduate Academic and Professional Integrity Council will hear the case as soon as it is reasonable to do so. Hearings of the Graduate Grade Appeal committee will never be held if the issue involves academic and professional integrity. In the case in which an instructor has imposed a grade penalty related to an issue of academic integrity, but the instructor has not filed an incident report, the student may submit an appeal to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs who will arrange for a hearing in accordance with the procedures described below if the student requests such a hearing.