Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures regarding academic integrity at North Georgia are herein described. The absence of an integrity code statement on an assignment, the absence of a written honor pledge on an assignment, or the absence of a student's signature in no way releases the student from his/her responsibility to know, understand, and follow the university's honor policy.

In certain graduate school programs, there are Professional Codes of Ethics and Conduct and/or accreditation requirements in which standards for academic and professional integrity are established through departmental procedures. Graduate students of these programs are referred to their departmental office for the appropriate publication (programmatic Student Handbook, graduate bulletin, etc.) that addresses the policies and procedures for violation of both academic and professional/conduct integrity issues. In each such program, there are approved parallel processes for addressing Violations of the University Academic Integrity Policy. These departmental policies and procedures have been evaluated for appropriate attention to "due process" and other standards, and have been approved by the Office of Academic Affairs for operation within that particular program. If a student wishes to appeal the departmental decision regarding academic or professional integrity violations, the appeal should be sent directly to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.